Int. Conf. on Applied Mathematics & Computer Science


A) Topics in Applied Mathematics
Linear Algebra,
Numerical Analysis,
Numerical Solution of ODEs and PDEs,
Probability and Statistics,
Stochastic Analysis,
Calculus of Variations,
Applied Functional Analysis,
Differential Geometry,
Dynamical Systems
Computational Intelligence (Neural Networks,
Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computing)
Operations Research,
Optimization Techniques,
Computational Mechanics,
Computational Electromagnetics (Electricity and Magnetism, Electromagnetic Fields, Waves, Microwaves, Antennas, Scattering),
Statistical Physics and Computational Thermodynamics,
Computational Fluid Mechanics,
Computational Heat and Mass Transfer,
Computational Quantum Mechanics, Relativity and Space Physics, Field Theory,
Computational Optics and Optoelectronics,
Computational Solid State Physics,
Computational Nuclear Physics,
Computational Biophysics and Computational Medical Physics,
Computational Chemical Physics and Computational Chemistry,
Computational Biology,
Computational Astrophysics,
Computational Acoustics,
Computational Geophysics, Geoscience, Geology, Seismology,
Computational Material Science and Computational Nanoscience and Nanotechnology,,
Computational Environmental Physics,
Computational Physics of Atmosphere,
Simulation and Mathematical Techniques in Physical Problems.

B) Topics in Computer Science

Computer Languages,
Software Engineering,
Data Structures,
File Structures and Design,
Data Bases, Compilers,
Knowledge and Data Technology,
Circuits, Systems, Electronics
Automatic Control, Robotics
Signal Processing
Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence,
Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Systems,
Information Systems, Complexity Theory,
Computing Theory, Numerical and Semi-Numerical Algorithms,
Object-Oriented Programming, Parallel Programming,
Signal Processing, Computer Graphics,
Computational Geometry,
Machine Vision, Computer Elements,
Computer Architecture,
Computer Packaging, Fault Tolerance Computing, Mass Storage Systems,
Microprocessors and microcomputers, Multiple valued Logic,
Genetic Algorithms, Game Theory,
Real Time Systems,
Virtual Reality, Computer Algebra,
Pattern Analysis,
Machine Intelligence, Adaptive and Learning Systems,
Digital Libraries,
Soft Computing and Communications, Smart Interfaces,
Intelligent Systems, Supercomputers and Supercomputing,
Internet and Internet Computing, Intelligent Agents, Mobile Computing,
E-commerce, Privacy Problems,
Hardware/Software Codesign, Cryptography,
Computer/Communications Integration, Education

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